My Summer 2015 – Gass Hersi VIDEO


DiverseMedicine member, Gass Hersi discusses how how he is spending his summer 2015 at a medical enrichment program in Des Moines, Iowa. We encourage all of our pre-medical members to spend at least one summer doing something similar to this! Thanks Gass.

Meltdown-The Feelings of an Intern Physician

Intern Year Pic

It’s July, and that means this month thousands of brave new doctors will begin to do what they have dreamed of doing their entire lives…practice medicine!  For these interns, up until now, becoming a doctor has always seemed so glamorous.  Looking back to my medical school days, I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until my […]

Black Physicians In Academic Medicine – We Need You!

AM Pic

The number of African American physicians in academic medicine is dismal, and this leads to an abundance of problems.  Academic hospitals (teaching hospitals associated with Universities) generally do not have a proportionate representation of underrepresented minority faculty as compared to the surrounding population. According to a U.S. News & World Report article, the number of […]