CALL FOR MENTORS! – DiverseMedicine eMentoring 2016-2017!

DMI 2016-2017 Mentoring Season

CALL FOR MENTORS! We’re back at it again! As the new school year approaches, DiverseMedicine is preparing to provide virtual mentoring for pre-medical students nationwide! So, we’re asking you to mentor with us! Our web based mentoring platform makes it easy for even the busiest of us to give back in the form of mentoring! […]

Preparing For Your First Year of Medical School

back to school

You’ve put in the work, went through a tedious application cycle, received an acceptance, and now you’re finally about to start your first year of medical school. Congrats!  It’s completely natural to be a bit anxious about embarking on a new step on your journey to becoming a physician, and it’s pretty common to be […]

The Voice of Accepted Physician Assistant Students


Physician assistants (PAs) are non-physician providers who practice medicine as part of the health care team. PAs are able to examine, diagnosis and treat patients similar to their physician counterparts. The PA profession has been around for approximately 50 years making it a relatively “new” profession when compared to physicians and nurses. The profession originated […]

Why a 4.0 and 528 Won’t Get You Into Medical School!


So you’ve busted your butt through undergrad to get all A’s and the highest MCAT score ever!  Done deal right?  You’re good to go! Every medical school in the country will want you!  WRONG!  On the contrary, you very well might have set yourself up to be scrutinized as if you are applying to join the CIA. In Malcolm Gladwell’s […]