100 Active Members!!! (and done in 1 month)

Today DiverseMedicine Inc registered its 100th active member!!!  This is quite an accomplishment to have achieved in 1 month since DiverseMedicine.org has gone live. It is the first major milestone of many to come.  Students are already connecting with mentors, having personal statements reviewed, and having curriculum vitaes reviewed as well.  We are thrilled to see that many future doctors are taking advantage of the networking opportunities, forums, practice clinical cases, FTP lecture series, and podcasts.

It is important that we pay attention to how fast we have grown and the mentoring that is already underway.  The lesson learned is that the larger our community is, the more opportunities we have to provide and receive guidance.  As our members have been doing, we should continue to make every effort to invite premeds and young physicians with our same goals to join.  If every member successfully invites 2 or 3 friends, our community will grow exponentially and with that, so will our resources.

Team DiverseMedicine wants to send a very special thank you to all of our dedicated mentors who are taking the few minutes every couple days to connect with our students.  As we have always said, the mentors are the heart of DiverseMedicine.

As we continue to grow, we ask for your continued feedback so all students can get the most out of our mentoring community.  We truly take all feedback to heart and incorporate changes based on them.  Most recently, we were told that having a podcast series with young physicians speaking about their route to becoming doctors would be helpful.  So, as requested, that’s what we are doing next! The “My Journey” podcast series will be starting within the next 1-2 weeks.  Keep an eye out for it.

Cheers to the first 100!!!

-Team DiverseMedicine

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