Hanging out playing Ball while talking about med school, tests, and fun!

Future Dr Tony, Future Dr. Anikia, Dr. Dale, and Dr. Daniel hooping and talk about medical school testing.  Yes, doctors can hoop too!  We aren’t always in the hospital!

3 thoughts on “Hanging out playing Ball while talking about med school, tests, and fun!

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    Great video! Thanks for the info guys and gal. Although I’m nowhere near the step exams, I am curious to know how these exams are graded.. what is a good Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 grade and how is the scale broken down? And as far as being chosen for a residency, are your grades and your step exams weighted equally or does one have more weight than the other?

  2. Profile photo of Dr. DaleDr. Dale

    They are based on a 3 digit scoring system. 188 is needed to pass. Avg is in the 220s. Many people argue that Step 1 (United States Medical Licensing Exam 1st test), is the most important because if you can do well on that, when you apply to residency they will look highly upon you. Step 2 works to the benefit of many students if they do not perform as well on step 1 as they would like, then they can take step 2 early and try to score higher. How “good” a score is depends on what field you want to go into. For example, the avg internal med score is probably 222 or so compared to the avg dermatology score which is closer to 235. Highest score I know of was a student in the med school class above me who got a 275 on step 1 (which is ridiculous!!!). Regarding getting into residency, grades and step score are both important but so are leadership activities and research. Other’s can write their opinions, but I feel that as long as you pass in med school (many medical schools are transitioning their grading systems to pass/fail) , the most important things are good evaluations, good rec letters, and good step scores.

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