A Reason to Live- The inspiration of a Premed

A Reason to Live

I believe in the need to help others.

Sunday, January 27, 2002, three and a half months after my sixth birthday marked a life threatening situation in my life that led me to believe that saving a life is the most rewarding thing a person can achieve.

It happened in an instant, the screaming, the rush, the cry for help all came to me as I was playing a game with my friends. I had no idea of what was going on and why everyone was in panic mode. I later realized that there had been a bomb blast which was caused by an accidental detonation of a large stock of military high explosives at a storage facility in a nearby military base. As I tried to flee from the flames I got separated from my family members and was left with my mom who tried her hardest to reassure me that everything was going to be fine, which it was not.

As I ran farther away from my home, I witness things that I never imagined I would experience at such a young age. From a mother who had to leave her son to die after being hit by a car because she had to save the rest of the kids, to people stumbling over each other to get past the horror. I was in grief, I did not know if I would live and where we were headed to but I always had a supporting hand. The hands of my mother that caressed me and made me feel protected when all things felt so unprotected at the time.
What if I was that supporting hand? What if I could have saved that child in his last moments of grief and told him that everything was going to be alright? What if I could have lent a hand to the people that were being walked on and told them to keep moving forward? What if I was one of the limited doctors? The ones who treated people that went the wrong way or fell into a deadly canal. What if I was there to comfort the family that had lost their family due to the canal? What if I was in their situation? There was so much I wanted to do but not much I could do. I saw it, I felt it, I mourned, yet I could not help.
My mother who had no idea where her sons were showed so much strength and held me like I was a fragile baby, just like my dad held me when he saw me for the first time in two days. The pain that was in my heart slowly relaxed and felt less heavy and right there I felt the impact of a protecting hand. I wanted to be that protecting hand, I wanted to be of help to people that needed help and most of all I wanted to have that feeling of being of help to someone, even if it is just a little, the power to help others can be so simple and yet have a huge impact.
My belief of saving or helping someone in their time of need is the zeal that pushes me each day to work my hardest in everything I do in order to achieve my goal in life.

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