Autopsy on a PIG

This was taken in my Biomedical Innovations class when I had to perform an autopsy on a fetal pig. This is the cutting i made to get to the brain. Exciting moment

3 thoughts on “Autopsy on a PIG

  1. Profile photo of Gift KamauGift Kamau

    What was taken? I took all the other PLTW classes (PBIS, HBS, and MI) but I’m unfortunatley not taking BI next year. I wish I could do the pig autopsy though.

  2. Profile photo of Adekemi OmolojaAdekemi Omoloja Post author

    It was amazing, it was like performing a real autopsy, we had to take everything out, measure it, and then put it back in and stitch it at the end, I will post more pictures in a few mins

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