Black Men in White Coats…we exist!

Black Men in White Coats do exist.  In this episode, Dr. Dale, Dr. Daniel, and Student Dr. Simon discuss why there are so few black men applying to medical school.



4 thoughts on “Black Men in White Coats…we exist!

  1. Profile photo of Jarrod JacksonJarrod Jackson

    Really enjoyed this video. My struggle right now is getting my professors on my side for strong recommendations. I’m one of those students who didn’t figure out that I wanted to pursue medicine until sophomore year. (I’m an engineering major as well) However, I have established a good basis with my Pre-Med advisor so I have one recommendation that I can count on in the upcoming year when applications become available.

    1. Profile photo of Dr. DaleDr. Dale

      Hello Jarrod. Do you have any more science classes? What year are you in college? There might still be time for you to connect with some of your professors in summer or the upcoming academic year. Something that people don’t think to do (which is rather simple) is to tell a professor at the start of the semester that you would love to get a rec letter from Him or Her if you do perform well in the course at the end of the semester. After you have told the professor that, make every effort to attend office hours and demonstrate your hard work and interest in the course. Not only will this put you in position for a great rec letter, it will also help you understand the coursework better.

  2. Profile photo of Astride HenryAstride Henry

    I think that a large part of it is self-motivation, and mentoring. It’s important to have a driving force from early on in life, and to have SOME type of nurturing environment- which is not necessarily always the home. Resources like this website are great! I think it is such a wonderful thing just to be able to join a website and connect with so many people who already have a foot in the door, who may be able to help those who are still trying to reach a higher level. As mentioned in the video- if each person felt a responsibility to help another person reach success, we might be doing a lot better, but reaching out to another individual really shouldn’t be something that is forced.
    Maybe we need more motivational speakers from the field of medicine visiting elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools; the earlier exposure the better! We need to keep the youth from becoming disillusioned and believing the lie that they are somehow not good enough to reach their goals. If in a group of 30 students, 1 or 2 decide to pursue medicine based on a visit from a motivational speaker/mentor, then that could potentially open up the way for 1 or 2 more. Perhaps a young man will remember getting the extra push he needed to take the steps towards applying to medical school, and in turn be more inclined to motivate those who follow.
    I think it’s important to always encourage the young men in our lives to think about their futures. Ask your little nephews, brothers, cousins, etc. “hey, how’s school? Do you know what you want to do yet when you graduate from high school?” And give a gentle nudge in the right direction whenever possible. & now that I’ve said that after watching this video, I think I’m going to take my own advice!!! Thank you for your insight, gentlemen!

    1. Profile photo of Dr. DanielDr. Daniel

      Wise words Astride. There are so many resources out there nowadays (books, websites, people) that were not even comprehensible not too long ago. If the young men aren’t searching and aren’t utilizing them there must be a reason why. Its very important that we reach them, break them out of their boxes, and let them know that these opportunities are out there.

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