Things I should have known before starting college.

So you turned 18, you have completed your last class in high school, you are young, bright talented heading for college. Oh what a feeling!! You are overly excited and cant wait to begin the independent life from home. Little do you know how how much you should be aware of prior to first choosing a college and second doing the right things in college.

These are a few tips for high school students.
1. Do you know that college is the only institution that you can get so many scholarships and even go for free if you prepare early for it. Well it is true. Most high school students do not know the opportunities that are there for scholarships in college and no one spends time to tell them.
Here are a few ways to get college scholarships.
-a. Prepare for the ACT/SAT from 11th grade and score as high as you can on the test. Its an automatic ticket that gives you advantage when picking a college and getting money.
-b. Well everyone is not smart to get high scores on SATs, then apply for minority scholarships if you are African american.
-c. Always go through the college brochure and look through to see which scholarships are available.
-d. Write essays online and win free money.
-e. There are scholarship for students who families have 2-3 students in college based on financial difficulties.

2. If you cannot afford a 4 year college, you can start at a GOOD 2 year college. Its cheaper and if you get good grades you get money back at then end of the semester for scholarship achievements. Then you can transfer to a 4 year college after completing your 2 years.

3. When you get to college, be care who you socialize with. They will either make or break you. Have fun but be careful.
4. It is a 4 year college but 80% of graduates are spending 5-6 years in college now. The reasons are because some students come in undecided, or keep changing majors in college. If you are unsure what you are unsure what to major in, talk to your counselor or advisor.

5. College is very expensive, and spending an extra year or semester is not worth it. Plan ahead.
6. If you intend to go to medical school, beware of how much students loan you acquire in college as medical school loans are much more. Not withstanding if you have to take loans to go to college, it is the best investment towards your education.
7. Speak with your college advisers as often as you can and monitor your progress, you are not going to college just to socialize but to learn and graduate on time.