50 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered what would become one of the most famous speeches in American History; “I Have A Dream”.  In that poetic, luminous, and avant-garde oration, Dr. King inspired hope in millions of individuals around the world.  On behalf of my generation, I say thank you to those who made it possible for me to be a Medical Doctor today.  Thank you for those who made it possible for us to follow our dreams!

Today realized something seemingly obvious, yet I had never put much thought into it.  The current DiverseMedicine poll asks our member when they knew they wanted to practice medicine.  As I am writing this blog, that data suggests the majority of those polled have had this dream since prior to college, and actually many have had it since elementary school.  Certainly if someone has wanted to be a Medical Doctor since childhood, that truly is a Dream!

In my case, being a physician was more an option than a dream.  My dream like millions of young black men was to be a professional basketball player.  To this day I have probably spent more time with a basketball than with a stethoscope. Well, those NBA dreams didn’t go over so well for a 5’9” , 150lb high school kid so I had to go to plan B.  This is not to say that I didn’t desire to be a physician, but rather it was not my “dream” until a little later.  From my discussions with our DiverseMedicine members being a doctor has been a true dream for many of you.  This is the only career you have ever considered.  You want this more than a cat wants a mouse!  You will run after this dream as long as you have legs!  Well, I must say, until this poll I do not think I genuinely appreciated this fact.  So from our end, we will continue to provide as much support as we can to help you make this dream a reality.

50 years later, we still have dreams!  Specifically, on this website, we have dreams to serve others in the medical field.  I’ll be honest, not all of us will make it, and for those of us who don’t, it may simply be that there are bigger and better things out there.  Regardless of the profession we land in, we must always keep the drive to achieve our dreams and aim to do the good works which God has ordained for us (Ephesians 2:10).

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    I’m so grateful of finding diverse medicine and being part of this group especially during this when doubts began to creep in. I know this is God’s doing in every way.

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