September 2013 Member of the Month: Stacia Rowe

stacia roweDiverseMedicine Inc recognizes Ms. Stacia Rowe as September 2013 Member of the Month. Stacia is a senior student at Georgia State University.  Raised in Jamaica, she has wanted to be a Medical Doctor since witnessing medical injustices as a child. She continues to be very active on and is taking the information learned on our site back to her schoolmates to help them follow their dreams as well.  This act of unselfishness and consideration for others is certainly honorable.  Below are selected responses to interview questions we posed to her.

1)      Why did you charter a new premedical organization at your school? My school did have a general student body premedical organization, however I thought that it was extremely important to branch out and charter a national premedical organization if I wanted students to have access to more resources. I knew that I had no one in my immediate family that had taken this route before and that minority students truly needed an avenue where we could have support from fellow premedical students and mentors who were willing to help.
2) Why do you want to be a medical doctor?  I want to be a Medical Doctor because I believe in the power of healing through relationships; I thrive on building relationships with others in order to truly facilitate their growth. I realized that with the current quandary of healthcare, someone has to advocate for the complete wellness of the individual.  This includes preventative and curative health. I have a passion to venture where healing resides and I think that I can do that by being a medical doctor.

3) What are your future aspirations (career plans)? My future career plans is to become a Family Medicine physician and also be in the public health arena, as I am very interested in population/community health and wellness in underserved communities.

4) How do you plan to give back to the community? I strongly believe that as humans, service is the rent we pay to live here on earth, so I plan on giving back to my community by being a mentor and allowing others the opportunity to have access to education like I did. I know that one of the greatest problems that plagued my community was that there was no mobility because of the lack of education. It is my lifelong mission to serve. I believe that our only duty as individuals is to be of service to others. So I will work tirelessly to make certain that I am constantly giving myself to help others in need, as I am the product of help from others.

5) What words of advice would you give to your fellow premedical students? NEVER give up!  Even though I am not exactly where I want to be, I live every single day knowing that we all have a purpose in life. Always have something you believe in!  I truly believe that having a belief, especially in God, gets you through.  Knowing that in the end everything you do is working for your good, is a comforting feeling and an exceptional driving force. Last but not least, SERVE, we are here to serve, not to be served. Encourage those around you, and you will find encouragement for yourself.  In doing this; always strive to leave any endeavor better than you found it.


Please join us in congratulating Stacia for her efforts thus far in chasing her dream and helping others reach their dreams in the process!


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