Maintaining a healthy social media presence

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Vine. Instagram. If you are not on any social media sites, you are definitely in the minority. Social media has many benefits: connecting with friends, sharing interesting articles and tips, advertising, etc. However, as a health care professional, your social media presence may have a large impact on your career and your professionalism. A slip up on a social media site can have repercussions in your educational and career goals. Here are a few tips to remember to avoid having a negative social media presence.
 Don’t post anything on the internet that you would not say to your boss or your patients
 Do not complain about work on social media
 Do not make grammatical errors; proofread your posts
 Post only professional photos, especially for your profile pic
 Do not like or link to controversial groups or people
 Be careful about linking to politically charged articles that are not based on fact
 Be selective with friend requests. Do not allow friends to post inappropriate comments or photos to your page
 Ensure proper privacy settings are on (these can change, check on them frequently)
 Don’t post during work hours if you are not supposed to be on non work websites
 Consider having a separate personal and a professional page

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