Best Resources for USMLE Step1

Most student are studying for the USMLE and I have realized that  some students do not start preparation early. Here are a few tips to know.

1. Start early- purchase First Aid for the USMLE step 1 Book current version and start getting familiar with the contents.

2. Purchase USMLE World Question bank early and start practice questions

3. Supplement notes from your 2nd year classes to fill void explanation in first aid as you go along in second year.

4. Select a test date within 6 months of exam.

5. Use supplemental resources such as goljan pathology, PATHOMA, BRS physiology and other USMLE books to prepare for your exam.

6. Do thousands of usmle style questions from uworld, kaplan, usmlerx, etc. The more questions you do the more you learn.

7. You can use usmle review course such as ftpectures, kaplan, DIT, passprogram.


First Aid for USMLE

Goljan Pathology
Pathoma –
Kaplan –

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