Dr. Lauren Lewis – A Doctor Like You!

Dr Lewis
Name: Lauren Lewis
Specialty: OBGYN 
Residency: University of Pittsburgh
Medical School: George Washington School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Missouri


1) When did you decide you wanted to become a Medical Doctor and what led to this decision? I decided during undergrad when I realized I was not cut out for the lab but really enjoyed physiology and science in general! I had numerous clinical shadowing opportunities in undergrad that solidified my desire to enter medicine.
2) What was the most difficult part of getting into Medical School for you? MCAT by far was the most difficult and anxiety-provoking step of the medical school application.
3) How did you study for the MCAT? How do you recommend students study for the MCAT? I used Kaplan for MCAT studying. I was taking the MCAT during school, so it helped me have dedicated time to just focus on studying. I recommend prior to taking the MCAT, students need to analyze how he or she learns best. If you learn best from lectures, having a course might be the best.
4) What did you do during your undergraduate summers? During undergrad, I did summer research programs in different parts of the country to 1. enjoy summer in a fun location (one summer i went to NYU!) 2. see alternative ways to research and medicine 3. do research and work on public speaking and presentation skills. I would highly recommend summer research programs to all!
5) What is one thing you wish someone told you while you were in college? HAVE FUN!! Medicine is a long road and it only gets more stressful as you go from undergrad to Attending level.
6) What led you to choose your current specialty? I really enjoy women’s health and doing things with my hands, thus OBGYN was the perfect fit.
7) Briefly describe your average work day. Each day is very different but an average day as a resident involves rounding on patient in the AM, follow by GYN or OB conferences and then either going to the outpatient office, the operative room or labor & delivery.
8) What do you enjoy most about your profession? What do you enjoy least? I love that OBGYN is so multifaceted! I have the opportunity to deliver babies one day and be in the operating room the next. There are so many career paths within this one specialty. I also enjoy working with young healthy adults for the most part.
9) What words of advice would you like to leave with pre-medical students? The road is going to be long and tough, but if you are determined to achieve your goal to be a physician it will all be worth it in the end. Also never give up when you face the many obstacles ahead.