Notes, Notes, Notes – Why Medical School is So Hard! VIDEO

In this video, Dr. Adesina provides a brief preview of the amount of content required for medical students to learn. Its fun, exciting, and challenging, all at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Notes, Notes, Notes – Why Medical School is So Hard! VIDEO

  1. Profile photo of Joy N-BoampongJoy N-Boampong

    Thank you so much Dr.Adesina. I will highly recommend this video to all my premed friends and family just so they can understand and get mentally prepared for the task ahead of their medical school journey. I just finished 2nd year of med school and I can only wish that is all there is to learn as a student. Not to even talk about the extra you tube videos for better understanding. Thank you again, Dr! Your videos are awesome!!! I always refer my friends to them. Brachial plexus show baby!!!

  2. Profile photo of Allan JosephAllan Joseph

    I love the video Dr.Adesina. It really highlights the beautiful pain of medical school. Everyone in under grad thinks about the day of that white coat being placed on their back. This shows the dedication and responsibilities that comes along with the status. Thank you again, now I must get back to studying!

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