3 years later – 1200 Members & Growing…


On October 9th, 2012, I wrote a blog excited about the growth of DiverseMedicine to 100 members.  It started as follows “Today DiverseMedicine Inc registered its 100th active member!!!  This is quite an accomplishment to have achieved in 1 month since DiverseMedicine.org has gone live. It is the first major milestone of many to come.  Students are already connecting with mentors, having personal statements reviewed, and having resumes reviewed as well.  We are thrilled to see that many future doctors are taking advantage of the networking opportunities, forums, practice clinical cases, FTP lecture series, and podcasts. ”

Well, today, just about 3 years later, we have grown to 1200 members.  DiverseMedicine has guided numerous students into the medical field by providing a community of mentoring and support.  Our belief along the entire journey has been that if we can provide such a community, students from diverse backgrounds are more than capable of getting into medical school.  We have watched our members connect in ways that previously was not possible.  Knowledge is being shared on a daily basis and its fruits are evidenced by increasing grade point averages, shadowing opportunities, and medical school acceptances in our members.  Physicians across the entire United States have become members of DiverseMedicine and volunteer their time to mentoring the future healthcare leaders of our country.  How beautiful of a thing is that?  The dream which was only that….just a dream 5 years ago, has become reality.  DiverseMedicine is affecting change by increasing Diversity in the field of medicine, and we will only grow stronger in our mission.

It goes without saying that none of this was done without the blood, sweat, and tears (okay maybe not the blood part) of numerous people.  Our leadership team and partners have carried us the whole way.  A very special thank you to all those who care about increasing diversity in the medical field and who have contributed to the successes of DiverseMedicine thus far. But above all, we thank God for the opportunities He provides for us.  Always remember, there are millions of poor, hungry, and sick individuals in this nation and world who are waiting for you to become a doctor!  They are waiting for you to put on your white coat in help make them better.  The white coat is not one of pride, it is one of servitude!  DiverseMedicine, the best is yet to come!


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2 thoughts on “3 years later – 1200 Members & Growing…

  1. Profile photo of Joy N-BoampongJoy N-Boampong

    Thanks to God for visionaries and dreamers who dare to make the world a better place. Thank you Diverse Medicine for given people like myself such great opportunity to be what some of us couldn’t find when we needed it most. I mean mentors. I read recently that fewer black males are applying to med school than before.I believe the headlines will soon change because of Diverse Medicine. Let’s keep spreading the word. Dr. Dale, you are blessed!

  2. Profile photo of LeShell WashingtonLeShell Washington

    Dr. Dale,

    Diverse Medicine has been an amazing resource which has helped guide me through my first two years as a pre-medical student. It is extremely hard to find mentors of color especially at predominately white institutions. This website has truly been a blessing. During my difficult times I’ve turned to many resources offered through this website for a “pick me up”. Thank you for bringing your idea into reality.

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