About Us


At DiverseMedicine, our mission is to increase ethnic and socioeconomic diversity within the field of Medicine.  Our belief is that individuals from underrepresented ethnic groups as well as those from economically disadvantaged upbringings are capable of becoming highly effective clinicians and scientists if provided with a community of support and mentorship. Via innovative implementations of modern day technologies, we provide this community.  In mentoring such students, we are promoting better health care for all!



We are honored to provide students with an excellent cohort of mentors from across the nation. Our mentors have all excelled academically and have taken many different routes to get to where they are now. Perhaps most important, our mentors are here because they understand the importance of caring for underserved patients, and having health care professionals who are committed to this task.



We are also honored to have some of the nation’s most brilliant minds in mentoring on our Directors Board. Each one of these individuals has excelled to a level within their career that we all aspire to achieve. Their dedication to promoting diversity in medicine, along with their vast wisdom, allow for DiverseMedicine to exist as a premier mentoring organization.