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Choosing The Right Medical School

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Medical schools are looking for the brightest and best premed students that are best fit for their program’s mission. Premed students likewise are searching for the best medical school which will allow them to thrive academically as well as in other endeavors.  The school you choose will not only dictate your academic path but will […]

Why a 4.0 and 528 Won’t Get You Into Medical School!


So you’ve busted your butt through undergrad to get all A’s and the highest MCAT score ever!  Done deal right?  You’re good to go! Every medical school in the country will want you!  WRONG!  On the contrary, you very well might have set yourself up to be scrutinized as if you are applying to join the CIA. In Malcolm Gladwell’s […]

3 years later – 1200 Members & Growing…


On October 9th, 2012, I wrote a blog excited about the growth of DiverseMedicine to 100 members.  It started as follows “Today DiverseMedicine Inc registered its 100th active member!!!  This is quite an accomplishment to have achieved in 1 month since has gone live. It is the first major milestone of many to come.  […]