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Preparing For Your First Year of Medical School

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You’ve put in the work, went through a tedious application cycle, received an acceptance, and now you’re finally about to start your first year of medical school. Congrats!  It’s completely natural to be a bit anxious about embarking on a new step on your journey to becoming a physician, and it’s pretty common to be […]

Choosing Your Major as a Pre-Medical Student


You’ve decided you want to become a doctor, and you’ve completed the first step of gaining admission into or starting your first year of college. Congrats!!!! Now the biggest thing to decide is which major to choose. Most colleges and universities do not have a specific “pre-medicine” major, and this can come as a shock […]

My Journey As A Re-Applicant! A Tough Mountain to Climb!


After 3 application cycles, I cannot stress enough how good it feels to finally have an acceptance into medical school! I first applied in 2008, and you can definitely see the growth in my applications from then and now. The first time I applied, I could not afford to apply to many schools, and I […]

I Graduated With A Low GPA- What Should I Do?

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If you’re a non-traditional student who has been out of school for a while, or you are looking to bring up a low undergraduate GPA, then you’ll need to explore all your options for becoming the most competitive applicant possible. There are many options available to prove to schools that you will be able to […]