Dr. Margaret Umah, MD – Vice President

MUmah bio

Dr. Margaret Umah, MD, Vice President of DiverseMedicine, is a Family Medicine physician practicing in Richmond, Texas. She was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and went to the University of Missouri for both undergraduate and medical school, where she was a Division 1 college athlete. She then completed her Family Medicine residency in Sugar Land, Texas, where she still lives with her husband and three children.

Dr. Margaret is the daughter of a physician, and knew she wanted to be in this field from a very young age. From her first days of clinical experience in medical school, she felt called to be a Family Doctor. Perhaps most enjoyable for her are the relationships and longitudinal care that she is able to provide to her diverse patients. Her journey to becoming a physician was greatly enhanced by the support and advice from her psychiatrist father and obstetrician sister, as well as several key faculty mentors. Dr. Margaret likewise loves to provide similar guidance to students so to help them along their journeys to becoming successful healthcare professionals. As a result, she was eager to join DiverseMedicine where she served as the first Director of Mentoring before being asked to take the office of Vice President.   Dr. Margaret comments that, “With DiverseMedicine, I am able to facilitate mentoring on a grander scale than I ever could on my own.  I have seen multiple mentees successfully matriculate to medical school with the assistance of the DiverseMedicine online mentoring model.  I continue to be excited as these numbers grow.”

Dr. Margaret has always had a passion for education.  Asides from being an excellent clinician and seasoned mentor, she also has experience in tutoring elementary students, serving as a teacher’s assistant, and tutoring college students.  Her role with DiverseMedicine is a continuation of her life long desire to help others advance and achieve their maximum potential.  She believes that an ideal mentor is one who will not only provide advice; but will push his or her mentees, be their cheerleader when they are discouraged, and help them avoid common pitfalls that are are not easily seen.  “In medicine,” she says, “knowledge is key.  I believe that DiverseMedicine will continue to give students the information they need to succeed in their journeys.”

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