Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be assigned a DiverseMedicine Mentor?

Nothing!  As DiverseMedicine is a community of individuals with the same interest, members of the community volunteer to mentor those in levels of education which they have surpassed.   Volunteers tend to understand what the students are going through and therefore are more passionate about delivering personal advice and mentorship.  All at no cost!


How do I get a mentor?

Our mentor season runs from September through June.  During the summer time, students rely heavily on the forums and their previous mentors.  Mentor requests opens in August/September of each year.  Before requesting a mentor, make sure that you will have the time to be responsive to your mentor.  If an individual volunteers to provide you guidance, it is important that you take the time to respond to their messages in a timely fashion.   


How can I get a member of the DiverseMedicine leadership team to speak at one of my organization’s meetings or to my class?

DiverseMedicine leadership is available to speak at student meetings free of charge.  To request someone to speak, send an email to or send a message via inbox to the DiverseMedicine Inc profile account.


Will DiverseMedicine review my personal statement or resume?

We recommend asking your DiverseMedicine mentor to review your personal statement and resume/curriculum vitae.  Occasionally, DiverseMedicine leadership will notify users of a limited review of these documents on a first come first serve basis.  Unfortunately, due to the volume of request, not all documents may be reviewed by leadership, but again, be certain to ask your mentor!


Will DiverseMedicine provide mock interviews?

DiverseMedicine Inc is equipped to provide interviews but similar to reviewing personal statements and resumes, due to the volume of students compared to leadership, this is done only intermittently and on a first come first serve basis.   Be certain to ask your mentor if he or she can give you tips on the interview process!


What test preparation companies does DiverseMedicine Inc recommend?

DiverseMedicine Inc does NOT endorse any specific test prep companies.  Recommendations given are the opinions of the individual providing the recommendation.  It is important to ask your mentor about his or her own personal thoughts.

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