DiverseMedicine Inc. began as a mere idea by its Founding President, Dr. Dale Okorodudu.  He appreciated that the true difference between students who were successful in matriculating into Medical School compared to those who were not, was the lack of mentoring.  With an ultimate goal to eradicate health disparities, Dr. Okorodudu envisioned an online mentoring institution were all students of all backgrounds could come to receive mentoring.  Over the course of several years, he strategized as to how this could be done.  After putting together a team of ambitious young physicians combined with the guidance of an experienced Board of Directors, he incorporated the organization in August 2011.  One year later, their online institution opened for a beta test trial and with its rapid success soon opened to the general public.  DiverseMedicine Inc seeks to be the online mentoring hub for students interested practicing Medicine.  Its success relies on young physicians nationwide to continue providing guidance to the next generation of medical professionals.  The true heart of DiverseMedicine Inc is and always will be the mentors!

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